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Saturday, August 05, 2006

August 2006

I managed to travel the length of the country and safely bring my nieces back from Bristol. It's amazing how different the culture is to Scotland. First day here and they're running wild in the garden enjoying picking crops wanting to harvest everything. Rhianna found to her delight that she liked gooseberries.

I've never seen two children so eager to get into the strawberry patch....and were out in their PJs picking strawbs and eating them early in the morning! Of course the best of the crop has just about been had and the rainy spell hasn't helped but they couldn't get over the size of the strawbs....even fighting over 'the biggest strawberry ever'. Which someone then sneaked off and eat! There followed a 'strawberry investigation' before a vital witness came forward in the shape of Uncle D who saw the culprit!

They seemed to enjoy digging the 'tatties' and picking fruit for tea. Lauren wasn't impressed when Uncle D pointed out that the straw she could see when picking out the tatties was 'cow pooh' and refused to believe him!

I had to laugh when Lauren announced that there were more strawberries on the raspberry canes. She picked and eat the few that were there...the gooseberry bushes are now stripped bare with the help of Uncle D!

The look on Lauren's face when she saw a 'round' carrot when i pulled it out of the ground! The runner beans were favoured because of the orange flowers and few good size bean were pulled and had for tea.

We picked turnip and they quickly caught on about the compost bins when we popped the turnip tops into this.

Rhianna delighted in picking the runner beans and although there was only enough for one person for a meal, she was fair chuffed with her cache and was interested in the pretty flowers and how they became runner beans.

Things we take for granted in Highland my two nieces are fascinated with...growing your own produce, open spaces and fresh air....oil rigs. After picking their own tea and taking many pictures to prove this. Whilst around the table there was much discussion on how the crops grew. Not a morsel remained on their plates and they couldn't wait for their dessert of strawberries!


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