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Hello and thank you for looking at my Blog...i hope you enjoy my site. I'm pretty new to this but hope to keep it all updated with the progress of my garden. I've really enjoyed being able to start everything from scratch and the hard work has been worthwhile. I hope you enjoy seeing my progress too! Feel free to leave comments it's always nice to get feedback.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


My pots have come along quite the thing....they're quite labour intensive though but worth the effort. I planted some Nasturtiums in a big pot and used the thinnings to dot around the veggie garden and made a hanging basket just to see how they far so good and they're now in flower and look very stunning. I like to try different things in the pots every year.

I overwintered my Fatsia Japonica outside this year and it survived despite very cool temperatures, i lost a few leaves but it's actually benefitted from this and made a good recovery, will need repotting next year but a very architectural plant for the patio.

This is the first year i've tried Nicotiana in pots and i'm quite pleased with the results, although needs plenty of water and feeding weekly. Slow to get going but worth the wait.

I planted Impatiens in several pots this year and they have took a while to get going as they like to be pot bound before they flower, but they're picking up speed now and another couple of weeks will be very pretty.


Blogger Mark said...

Your veg plot and garden put mine to shame. Great blog :-)


2:36 AM  
Blogger Ziggywigs said...

Thanks Mark, it's nice to know i'm doing something right!


7:19 PM  

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